Wed., Dec. 13, 2017 1:00 - 2:00 P.M. CST
Last year, we cast a number of employment law predictions for 2017, and jurisdictions from coast to coast did not disappoint! In every level of government, we saw a flurry of activity in minimum wage, paid sick leave, discrimination and other employment-related laws. That's all well and good, but how have these laws affected the companies who must follow them?

Join us Wednesday, Dec. 13, for A Look Back, A Look Ahead: 2017-18 Employment Law Trends, a 60-minute GovDocs-style "fireside" chat to cover our 2017 predictions, what actually occurred and insight into 2018. All this threaded with real-world examples and stories we've heard from prospective customers, clients and other professionals in the HR and compliance fields.

An expert panel of GovDocs staff will cover trends like:
  • Minimum wage laws show no signs of slowing down
  • Paid leave laws continue to affect everyone
  • Discrimination laws are on the rise
  • Outside of our predictions, additional laws also gained momentum in 2017
Meet the GovDocs Panel:
  • Cabot Wohlrabe, Compliance Consultant, engages with Fortune 1000 companies about their employment law management (ELM) programs
  • Ryan Stilwell, Global Accounts Consultant, partners with GovDocs’ largest clients to ensure their ELM needs are met
  • Kelly Knight, Product Development Director, knows the ins and outs of client needs to create new and build on existing products
  • Adam Roberts, Legislative Analyst, brings us the latest on what’s happening at all levels of government
  • Erica Kritsberg, Product Marketing Manager, your host and moderator